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Women’s Day–Early Childhood Family Education Seminars
                                                                                                           March 8th, 2012

On the Eve of the Women’s Day, the company’s female worker committee invited a senior early childhood and primary education expert and founder of Nanjing Su Jie School --- Headmaster Zhang Jie to carry out a thematic seminar for the company preschool children’s parent. In this session, a thorough analysis of current preschool education misunderstanding were clearly  explained, puzzled or distressed parents problems were solved, and a lot of real cases were used to teach a scientific parenting  so that the company colleagues might have an experience in this perspective. In this seminar, everyone was benefited or learned some or more of the scientific methods that are helpful in parenting, which makes everyone, feel that this kind of parental training is very necessary for every parent, but unfortunately we lack such in the society. We hope in the future they can provide more of this training.