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Unite as One to Climb Purple Mountain-----Climbing Contest
In the eastern suburbs of Nanjing city, Zhongshan mountain soarz above the horizon, shaped like a huge coiled dragon, which is called "Chung Fu Dragon plate." The purple hued outline sends out golden rays under the sunlight, so it was renamed the "Purple Mountain" during the Eastern Jin dynasty.

Its highest peak rises to a height of over 448.9 meters, which is the one of the national key scenic spots in China. There are also many surrounding historical attractions as well; in the south, there is a ZiXia cave, and a YiRen spring. In the front, you will find the Zhongshan Mausoleum, and in the west, there is the Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty.

On the 8th of May, the Tongtian Company held a challenging mountaineering race up the Purple Mountain. More than 200 employees participated in this fun trip to the peak. 

The team members were full of energy as they climbed the mountains via the winding paths. They hiked in long lines, creating white stripes across the mountain that resembled a white dragon.

There were more than 1000 steps on the climbing route, however the immense support of the cheering team was quite a spectacle. The belief was that as long as the spirit of the Tongtian Company was strong, it can overcome any difficulties. 

The support was astounding, as team members finished the race, they immediately went to cheer for the other participants. Towards the end of the race, when racers were facing the most difficulty, the cheering and support was at an astounding level. 

The female racers were not willing to fall behind, and the encouragement and support from those cheering kept them going. The cheerleaders encouraged them to "keep running, keep walking, even if it's unbearable, you can do it!"

The audience's support encouraged them to go faster and faster to the summit. They insisted that despite the challenges, victory conquers all else. In the end, all the racers reached the summit within 30 minutes. 

Once the climbers reached the top of the mountain, they looked down over the vast hill that they had climbed and were overcome with a sense of victory and accomplishment.  

At 12 noon, the team retuned and went back. 

The company encourages its employees to dare to struggle and to challenge the will of their spirit. The Tongtian Company believes that these team-building challenges are positive for the sense of solidarity in the work force, and also encourage the employees to constantly scale new heights.