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Trade Union Women’s Day Activities–A day tour in Wuxi Fur City
                                                                                                               March 4th, 2012

On a early winter Saturday morning, we boarded a bus, and embarked on a journey to Wuxi fur city. Along the way in the bus, we all laugh and merry together regardless of where we all came from, either we have met each other before or from different another branches doesn’t count because all colleagues from different branches came for this event. In the early week of the women’s day, we took on a better pursuit for beauty and the spirit of perseverance by going for shopping from one destination to another. As we entered the mall gate, our female colleague’s looks like a star sprinkled in the sky, and everyone rushed to buy his or her own favorite desire, while the tour guide was the only one left standing alone. The male colleagues who came along with us in the same bus also brought with them their wife’s or girlfriend’s shopping list with them, they were also shopping together with us in accordance with their shopping list.  The sales reps were all happy and were smiling just like the flower smile to the sun. At the end of the journey, we all talked about the Wuxi Steamed Bun Bread because it is delicious and everyone showcases his or her shopping packages. It was a good shopping day because everybody came with a high spirit and we all returned satisfied.