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TongTianKangTe created brilliant--- 2013 Autumn Sports Meeting
Theautumnwind brought fruitful golden autumn. In this wonderful season, TongTianKangTeushered the 2013 Autumn Sporting Meeting. The previous participation in the Games is the largest and the most award-winning members.

We win the second place in 1500m long distance running in Men's Youth Group, the forth place in Women's youth group, the first place in running with the ball in Men's middle-aged group, and got the fifth place in internal group.

What is the spirit of TongTianKangTe? Just look at our players. The player who fell down in the short distance run, but he did not give up, he stood up and continued to run to the end. The man who has physical bad in 1500m games, the team member ran with him and encouraged him run to the end, even he did not participate in the game. Whatever ranking to get, we would give them a warm applause. Untied as one, and never give up, this is the spirit of TongTianKangTe.