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The 5th International Flame-retarding Technology and Flame-retarding Material Industry Exhibition in China &International Forum of 2010 (CFRS 2010)

The four previous International flame-retardant exhibitions were extremely successful, they attracted an unprecedented amount of nearly four million professional attendees within only a few days to present unprecedented pomp. This exhibition was contained within an area of more than 12000m2, and held impressive exhibitions of flame retardant, flame-retardant materials, flame-retardant textiles and relevant products of Europe, U.S.A, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong, Chinese mainland and so on. They also represent new technology, new products and the latest development trends of international flame-retarding industry and arouse resonance inside industry.They are representing the latest technology, products and latest development trends in both the domestic and international flame-retardant industry.
The 5th International Flame-retardant Technology and Flame- retardant Material Industry Exhibition in China & International Forum on September 15th-17th 2010 was held in the Shanghai New International Expo Cent.
The fire announcement of China's Law, the realization of international Flame-retardant mandatory standards, and “Requirements and Marks on Burning Behavior of Flame- retardant Products and Subassemblies in Public Place” were introduced. These will necessarily result in the formation of China's laws and regulations, which made the use of flame-retardant products mandatory. The introduction of such a requirement will definitely increase the business of China’s flame- retardant industry.
Using new flame retardant and new flame- retardant material in the field of national economy meets the instruction from the central government on “nipping a thing in the bud”. The premise of ensuring the safety of life of peoples and resources of the state is a preventive. measure that is earlier than fire fighting measure and It is unreasonable for domestic and international markets to doubt the importance of these new measures. 
The 5th International Flame- retardant Technology and Flame- retardant Material Industry Exhibition in China & International Forum will be hosted by The China Flame Retardant Society, along with with International Antimony Association, Germany Plastics Center, European Flame Retardant Association and American Fire Retardant Chemicals Association. Both domestic and international companies will participate in this exhibition. The latest technology from around the world will be on display in this exhibition.

◆ Flame Retardants: halogen-free flame retardant, red phosphorus flame retardant, brominates flame retardant, chlorinated flame retardants, inorganic flame retardant, magnesium hydroxide flame retardant, environmental protective flame retardant, flame-retardant raw material.
◆ Flame-retardant materials: textile auxiliaries, flame-retardant textiles, flame-retardant clothing, flameproof cloth, functional fabrics, high-performance fiber, flame-retardant fiber, flame-retardant decorative materials, flame-retardant non-woven fabrics, flame-retardant foam, flame-retardant mattress, flame-retardant yarn, flame-retardant rug/blanket, flame-retardant fabric, flame-retardant finishing products; flame retardant polyester fiber, flame-retardant decorative panel, flame-retardant furniture, flame-retardant polyurethane flexible foam/hard foam, flame-retardant testing instrument, new flame-retardant materials and related supporting materials.

Our company will also participate in this event. Please pay attention to the latest news after the exhibition.