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Successful Development of Coating Silicone Fiberglass Fabrics Cloth

A U.S. company's successful development of a coating silicone fiberglass fabrics cloth, it can be processed into a variety of flexible line and the sheet heating element, its continuous use temperature can reach 230 degrees, intermittent use temperature can reach UL flame retardancy relative thermal index 150 degrees for the UL 94 hb. The coating of silicone rubber fiberglass cloth weather resistance and chemical corrosion resistance is also very good, and the role of resistance to ozone. A Japanese company for successful development of a heater and motor heat resistant paper. The thermal paper is on the glass fibre paper impregnated or coated with inorganic filler made from organic silicon resin. A Japanese company with potassium titanate whisker, ceramic fiber, glass fiber dispersed into water and clay dispersion, and then use the craftwork molding into paper. This paper made of has the very high heat resistance, can be used in various high temperature use.