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Significance of study neoprene coated fiberglass fabric

With the scientific and technological progress and development, and the demand of different industrial field application and improvement of the coated fiberglass fabric technology itself. The coated fiberglass fabric as a membrane structure building materials, tent cover, antiseepage geotextile and flexible light box cloth and airbag material to a wide range of applications.

Various airbag with coated fiberglass fabric requires considerable tensile strength to resist the destruction of the applied load, the air inside the micro explosion of explosive will make the internal pressure rise sharply, leading to gasbag expands rapidly, and the blast temperature high heat flow, the air bag fabric on the instantaneous load and the dual role of high temperature, due to various reasons, we USES the interface is the interface cementation type, so it will be coated fiberglass fabric especially important impact to the interface. Through the preliminary test, we found that the interface is the weak section of the coated fiberglass fabric. To this, we respectively in neoprene coated fiberglass fabric under normal temperature and high temperature interface performance tests and analyses, this is one of the part, we know that coating material intensity of hangzhou on the one hand depends on the kind of structure that is polymer base material, the weaving form, fabric density and size, twist, elongation and strength; depends on the interface properties of the neoprene coated fiberglass fabric on the other hand, the interface is not appropriate. Will not only affect the appearance, flexible and folding performance. Even catastrophic damage in the process of material used.

Therefore, the deep research of neoprene coated fabric interface performance is of great significance.