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Show time, establish heroine
From participating actively in  the " March 8th " Essay, Kangte Industry Branch received the second prize

This is the international women's day, to fully display the 100th anniversary of the female worker of charm and grace, and to  further encourage the female worker in post spurs, and fiberglass industries, the female worker committee will hold the " Show time, establish heroine " essay appraisal activity.

Our business division Wei Na ’s articles received the second prize

Award-winning article excerpt:

Bloom in the centre of the static

Record Kangte cord thread workshop women

The Kangte business division of Tongtian Technology    Wei Na

They are too common, too ordinary to remember their names, remember their appearance, remember what they say every day, but they cannot exist, although the years have let them lose beautiful appearance. They are true, because they use their hands for their livelihood. They are such a group, wearing a working cap to cover all, the cotton rope women stand low by the fireside. low head stand in the fireside, look at the cotton rope women.

On a hot summer day, the women workers of the cord thread workshop are the neat will wear the working cap, overalls, long sleeves, safety protective equipment. Wearing all of this equipment, you cannot see the great pain they face, their timid smiles, nor hear their complaints, they still take the timid smiles. Commencing production in the cord thread workshop has not seen safety accidents.

Throughout the many years of production people have accumulated rich experience in the production of the workshop, the cord thread production supervisor Ma Jinhong is one of the most important people in the workshop. Because Ma Jinhong ’s specialty is to work with glue in the exothermic reaction process, a relatively constant temperature and time period is needed. Due to the high temperatures during the summer, even higher than that of the reaction temperature, temperature and time consistency is not easy, even with much experience.. Ma Jinhong suggested that during the summer, chillers are used. Through the use of chilled water, the time that it took for the glue reaction to reach the correct temperature and quantity was more controlled.  Under her leadership, the problems with cord production were reduced, and her hard work for solving the problem was admired. She made the production not only easier, but also  improved the quality of the yarn. She listens to all of her co-workers, and encourages advice from all of the women.  Bold In their suggestion, during the production process of the cord, the women now use other color sample lines, and there is a great difference between the original yarn and this new yarn which can be better controlled, and this therefore increased the yield of cord products. According to the rules of the twisting machine,  the winding of friction  produces a certain natural powder, they are by nature, not the way round to reduce yarn, the friction between strings, protection of powerful even. After a period of experimental comparison, it was discovered that these yarns are quite powerful. In the storing of the cord products, according to the monsoon season cord hygroscopic heavier features will display the finished yarn wet, and this has constantly improved the customer satisfaction to products.

In recent years, the strings demand has increased by more than 10 percent every year, the development of the incremental cord workshop has been greatly due to the hard work and careful care of the cord shop women. They have tenacious spirit, and now the cord workshop is experiencing stable production, and through its continuous improvement, the average monthly cord before production output increased by 33%, product quality and yield and have also greatly improved. Based on the current situation, kt leadership has established the goal, to not only double the production of the cords, but also to use scientific research and technology to improve and develop high-grade strings. This would give cord women workers more confidence.

Now if you entered the cord thread workshop, you will see them - cord thread women workers, still standing in their respective positions with the strings, a timid smile on their faces, showing their high hopes. They cherish their work immensely, they know the strings are their welfare, and they maintain their family and their future, so they persistently do their best, and remain creative and dedicated to their job. They silently use their practical action to care for each cord with each stroke they make, they silently use their life hands to compose life again and again.