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Resin-Coated Extensible Heat-set Silicone Rubber Coated Fiberglass Fabric (2)

An important usage of knitted silicone rubber coated fiberglass fabrics is in the manufacture of orthopedic cast bandages where those fabrics are coated or impregnated with a curable resin and packaged as rolls of tape, which are subsequently used by a physician or medical clinician to construct orthopedic casts. European patent application 84 382 discloses a device wherein the fabric impregnated with one component of the resin is provided on a pressure rupturable core which contains the second component of the resin. The fabric and core are sealed in a flexible package which serves as a mixing chamber. After the core is ruptured and the resin components mixed, the package is opened and the resin-impregnated fabric unrolled and placed around the broken limb.