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Resin-Coated Extensible Heat-set Silicone Rubber Coated Fiberglass Fabric (1)

High modulus fibers such as silicone rubber coated fiberglass fabrics are commonly used as resin reinforcements in composite materials to impart strength to the cured article. In some applications the fiberglass yarn is woven or knit into a fabric which can then be treated with a finish, resin or other coating. Compared to organic fibers such as polyester, glass fibers exhibit virtually no elongation and are more prone to breakage during process operations such as knitting and weaving. Because the fiber elongation is essentially nil, glass fabrics do not stretch unless they are constructed with very loose loops which can deform upon application of tension, thereby giving the impression of stretching. Knitting imparts extensibility by virtue of its system of interlocking knots and loops.