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Research on polyacrylate adhesive for fiberglass fabric

Fiber glass fabric used in coating used as building repair material reinforced cement walls, requirements after coating mesh high strength alkali in product performance, coating agent is required to have high adhesion, coating after curing is smooth and compact, can give fiberglass fabric soft handle, unwinding between mesh layer and the layer does not occur adhesion. The fiberglass fabric coating agent mainly for polyacrylate adhesive, at present this kind of products in the domestic market is mainly ordinary emulsion, also has some defects, which can't solve the contradiction between flexibility and adhesion of the coating, in order to meet the coating soft, coated mesh easily sticky, unwinding not well, bring certain influence to the product performance and construction. Aiming at this problem, this paper on the basis of the original ordinary emulsion formulation, using seed emulsion polymerization, core-shell emulsion was synthesized, and used the nano powder filler and core-shell emulsion, preparation of inorganic / polymer nanocomposites, greatly improved the performance of coating agent.