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PU Coated Fiberglass Fabric


Definition PU Coated Fiberglass Fabric is a fiberglass cloth coated with Polyurethane, and composite materials with multiple functions, the design of PU coated fiberglass fabric can adapt to different places.
Properties It features good rebound resilience, toughness, softness,bright in color, superior resistance to wear, cold, oil, water, aging and weather. It also has the function of an antibacterium, and can also be used for mould proofing,heat-insulation and anti-ultraviolet.
Application Can be used for waterproofing in roof, underground projects, bridges, drainage channels, reservoir and disposal of sewage and etc, also applied to motor, chemical plant, equipment of power plant and so on.


Width 40 - 80 inches
Thickness 0.2 - 0.6mm
Weight (coating) 30 G/ m2-200 G/ m2
Coating Surface single coated, double coated
Color silver grey, black, red, white and etc.
Package 50 yards/roll, 100 yards/roll
Properties flame retardant, non flame-retardant, high flexibility and etc.
Customized specifications, colors and packages are available.

Conventional specifications:


Width 40inch,60 inch 40 inch,60 inch 40 inch,60 inch
Thickness 0.4mm 0.4mm 0.4mm
Weight (coating) 40 G/ m2 80 G/ m2 90 G/ m2
Coating Surface double coated double coated double coated
Color silver grey, black, red silver grey silver grey
Package 50 yards/roll, 100 yards/roll 50 yards/roll, 100 yards/roll 50 yards/roll, 100 yards/roll
Original Fabric 3732 3732 3732
Properties flame retardant flame retardant high flexibility
Customized specifications, color and package is available.