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Neoprene Coated Fiberglass Fabric


Definition Neoprene Coated Fiberglass Fabric is a fiberglass cloth coated with neoprene, and composite materials with flame retardant and multiple applications. High tensile strength, better resistance to heat, light, aging and oil compared to natural rubber, SBR and BR. With strong resistance to flammability and excellent resistance to water, along with its high chemical stability; this fiberglass fabric is used extensively in the field of elastomers.
Properties Its comprehensive performance is unique of synthetic rubbers. It features:
* excellent mechanical strength
* high resistance to ozone and weather
* good ageing resistance
* low flammability
* good resistance to chemicals
* moderate oil resistance and flame retardant
Application Binding pipes and equipment as a kind of material of resistance to aging, corrosion and oil, widely applied in various industrial fire and smoke screens, fire blanket, fire wall, fire partition and etc.


Width 40 - 80 inches
Thickness 0.1- 1.5mm
Weight 130 G /m2-1700 G /m2
Coating Surface single coated, double coated
Color salmon, black, yellow, green, blue and etc.
Package 50 yards/roll, 100 yards/roll
Properties flame retardant
Customized specifications, colors and packages are available.

Conventional specifications:


Width 40inch, 60inch
Weight (coating) 200 G /m2
Coating Surface double coated
Color yellow, blue and black
Package 50yards/roll, 100 yards/roll
Original Fabric fiberglass texturizing fabric
Properties flame retardant
Customized specifications, color and package is available.