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Method for Making a Silicone Coated Fabric
A silicone coated fabric having a base woven fabric which is formed from a synthetic fiber weaving yarn that has a yarn size of from 100 to 270 dtex, and a weaving size expressed by product calculated by multiplying the yarn size of a weaving yarn and a weave density (ends or picks/2.54 cm) of from 10,000 to 25,000 (dtex•ends (or picks)/2.54 cm) in both the warp direction and the weft direction, a silicone being used in the woven fabric with an amount of from 5 to 25 g/m2, and has a uniform silicone coating layer on one side which forms part of the silicone mentioned above. The silicone coated fabric is a lightweight coated fabric that shows improved heat resistance, improved flexibility and an improved low coefficient of friction as well as particularly improved burning resistance. The fabric can therefore be used for producing lightweight and compactly storable airbags that suppress bursting starting from a burnt-through-hole, and that shorten deployment time.