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Looking back to Yesterday and Looking Forward to Tomorrow
                                                                                                                          -The Annual Party and Spring Party

This is another New Year. When we review 2010, all our colleagues of Kangte worked together and achieved many goals. New purchased Cord Dept. completed annual sales target, and achieved encouraging results. Coating Dept. improved coating technology and completed automatically adding-silicon process. The Technology Dept., together with the Universities completed the new project. Operation Dept. worked hard, efficiently and frugally to ensure the normal operation of the internal affairs of the company.

At this moment, we gathered, with wine and blessings, to celebrate the hard work and achievement in the past year. This year there happened many excellent deeds, the cord dept. head Wang Qingyuan was named the company excellent model, Liang Jianglei won the Invention Award, and so on.

In 2011, all colleagues of Kangte will work together to achieve better results.