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Good news: Congratulations on winning the Excellent prize in “The celebration of Fiftieth Anniversary of Nanjing Fiberglass Research Academy ”
This year, it is its 50th anniversary of the Nanjing Fiberglass Research Academy. The company held a series of cultural activities to commemorate this significant day, such as essay competition, photo contest, singing competition and so on. 
As branches and subsidiaries, the employees of TongtianKangte took part in, among them, Wang Zhiming’s and ZhuYu’s essay were selected into to the list of excellent prizes in the essay competition.

Appreciation of the winning article

The Song of Fiberglass Academy

Fifty years ago, a group of energetic, high-spirited, and full of longing young people came together at the foot of Yuhuatai and Juhuatai. Everyone was not afraid of hardships, they overcame the difficulties, resistance and obstacles together, they dig roads and built plant cover dormitory to set up the Nanjing Fiberglass Academy which surrounded by a poised.

Time is like a song, we still vaguely see the vivid scenes of the pioneers built homes, with the passing of time, some pioneers of fiberglass academy but only appear in people’s minds.

How time flies, the passage of time, batches of people in fiberglass academysow seeds in this piece of technology but the fields barren hopeful fiberglass technology, watering and fertilizing, pruning shears leaves, nurtured carefully, looking forward to the fruits of autumn.

The foundation offiberglassacademy who works with is humility, integrity, respect, hard work, efficient, friendly and supportive atmosphere, many kinds of scientific and technological achievement fiberglass academy awards is certainly hard work of people, known for popularity is the joy and pride in fiberglass academy hearts, cultivate a fiberglass industry professionals is a contribution to the country.

In 1990s, China economic tide was surging and carried all before it, and fiberglass academy was not lying down, daring be the pioneers of the world and playing in the surf. The tests of first establishment of “Shuangwei” and “Sanfu” were success, then “Chunhui”company and “Fuerth” research center came next. Nanjing Fiberglass Academy is changed from institutions into enterprises, joining to the economic trend.
Somebody said that Fiberglass academy, it is not easy to love you all the time, there are many temptations outside. But I want to say: Fiberglass academy, I dedicate the youth, shed sweat, devoted efforts of local, feeling freely and the temptation to fatigue, I will love you forever.

Entering the 21st century, Nanjing Fiberglass Academy developed rapidly. Sinoma Science & Technology Co. Ltd, Nanjing Fiberglass academy as main body of it, successfully listed in 2006. This is a qualitative leap in the development history of Nanjing Fiberglass and read the dream of several generations of people in fiberglass academy.

Nanjing Fiberglass grows fast and open up greater battlefields, such as establishing new factories in Jiangning District, Pukou District, and Liuhe District in Nanjing; Water projects in Yichuan, Shouguang, Chizhou, Sate and othe places;

The management reaches some level; the benefits increase to some scale; quality meets the international standards and products are sold to the world. Nanjing Fiberglass Academy has become a ship unsinkable aircraft carrier in fiberglass industry.

As time flies, Nanjing Fiberglass Academy has been leading the development of China’s fiberglass industry, and gone through a full course of fifty years with difficultly and steadily.

Fifty years is a short moment like a drop of water, but it is unforgettable in everyone’s life journey. Many people came to Nanjing Fiberglass academy, some just like passers, and some live here for life. Nanjing Fiberglass academy welcomes and sending them with a broad mind.

Fifty years’ development proves: Nanjing Fiberglass academy is always having the opportunity; everyone has challenges here, and it could show your performance everywhere. Young people come to Nanjing Fiberglass academy’s stage up and show some of your wonderful life!

Because of you, Nanjing Fiberglass academy grew colorful fruits yesterday; because of you, Nanjing Fiberglass academy will be more brilliant tomorrow.

Fifty years’ struggle and the pursuit of several generations
---- I am proud that I am NFA person.

In the long history, 50 years is just a brief moment, but for NFA workers, for Chinese fiberglass industry, Nanjing Fiberglass witnessed the extraordinary history of China’s fiberglass industry, it is full of wonders and glory.

Nanjing Fiberglass Academy established at the foot of Yuhuatai in 1964, it was the only fiberglass products and technologies integrated R & D institutions in China, it is specialized in continuous fiberglass, mineral wool, fiberglass and specialty products, non-communication optical fiber technology and products research, development, design and production management, state of fiberglass and products Engineering Research center, National Glass Fiber Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, a supporting institution of the National Information Center; the National Standardization Technical Committee of fiberglass, the National Standardization Technical Committee insulation materials focal point; holding building materials industry, construction industry, construction engineering design qualification, consulting engineering qualification.

More than 100 national or provincial and municipal Department of Science and Technology Progress Award, Engineering Design Award, nearly 200 patents, formulated or revised 190 number of national and industry standards, more than 70 national or provincial and municipal department of spiritual civilization and business individual awards, 50 years of trials and vicissitudes of life, numerous trophies and medals, records Nanjing Fiberglass academy success and pride, her history is the history of Chinese fiberglass industry.

What is the secret of her stormy rejuvenated? The answer is fiberglass people and spirit of generations’ tradition ---- hard work, innovation and strengthen the country with the times.

The first generation of fiberglass were “pioneers”, they were willing to be “Bees” and “vanguards”. They adopted, summarized, improved communication, and promoted fiberglass technology and founded the “Fiberglass’, opened the “721” worker university, Nanjing Fiberglass staffs’ and workers’ University, and commitment to design fiberglass factories of the nation. It overcomes serious shortages of funds and materials, and explores and tests new products, new technologies, new process, and new equipment,  developed China’s first generation of automatic exchange tube drawing machine, successfully developed the 1st and 2nd high-strength fiberglass component and production process. The fiberglass has made tremendous contribution to the motherland.

The second generation of fiberglass was “innovator”, who answer the call of the country and use science and technology as the first productivity. scientific achievements is civilized and promoted in the form of 4 – technical service, adopting a  incentive system which is a contract responsibility based on wage linked to performance and building seven substances of science and technology. It scaled up 6 kinds of products like inorganic fiber paper, filter materials, non-communication fiber optic products, sealing materials, wetting agents, tire cord and so on. In 1994, it earns RMB 58.48 million, which was twenty times of base of the past operating expenses. “A beard well lathered is half shaved”, It uses science and technology to serve our economic construction.  science and technology are the ground of fiberglass academy. In the meantime, fiberglass completed the domestic development of E-glass melt production line complete sets of technology and equipment with independent intellectual property rights of the first, the first of E-glass fibers melt production line design ton, undertook the design of many of the belt production lines and smooth operation, the industry developed rapidly because of exporting.

The third generation of fiberglass was “developer and innovator”,  according to its own advantages and characteristic, they adhere to national economic development and market demand-oriented, investment transformation, built science and technology industrial park in Pukou, Jiangning and other places, and completed the major science and technology entities transformed into a modern enterprise tasks. Increasingly active foreign technical cooperation, economic trade, foreign engineering, technical services and other activities, in the international context has taken a solid step, and received the first batch of product reseal institutes import and export rights granted by Ministry of Foreign Trade. Adhere to the technology-based, established the Youth Science and Technology Innovation Fund to encourage scientific and technological personnel, and take up almost a hundred national key projects to develop new materials. Adhere to the people-centered, attention to the training of personnel, the establishment of a cadre selection, appointment, evaluation, training systems and the vast majority of workers on training and continuing re-education system, to stand in the general scientific and technical personnel training to understand the operation and management of complex talent, the majority of workers professional and technical training to understand and operate, combining theoretical practice”generalist” for the various positions.It was approved the establishment of enterprise postdoctoral workstation Ministry of Personnel.

Where is the fourth generation of fiberglass? Looking at the lights in the technology lab, busy workshop, quips and tit customers purchasing department, lively festive inauguration of the new plant and so on, they are all around us---in order to develop innovative NFA people live in a beautiful life, they at an ordinary post, hard working and struggling.

I am proud of I am NFA person. Watching the front-line workers working in the high temperature and the data management with bloodshot eyes, sick posts take the lead in the workshop director, the sales staff waiting for customers abroad semi-mail and the leaders rushed to the factory early in the morning, I should be proud, because I am a NFA person.

Looking back on the past 50 years, this is us, the founder of China fiberglass industry.

Looking back on the past 50 years, this is us, the inheritors of China Fiberglass Composite.

Author: Yu Zhu