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Good Tiding’s Bulletin (Good News Story)

                                                                                                                January 5th, 2012

Time moves faster, whether we like it or not, 2012 is at the door, its arrival is neither late nor too earlier rather at the appropriate time. This New Year is a year of the Dragon and also a year of rapid development and growth for our company as one who is a descendant of the Dragon. At the beginning of the year, so-called the dragons head, the first Good News of the company is that the company’s foreign export product sales volume as of last year amount to 500,000, denoting an increase of 160%. On that note, the company decided to appreciate and praise the work of Engineer Wang who has always been working tireless to keep the work going. The second Good News is that our colleague, Accountant Wu Qian was honored as a Role Model, this honor and pride go to our branch company.