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Glass fiber filter material surface treatment

Glass fiber filter material is the surface area under the working conditions used in the glass fiber cloth or felt polymer coating the surface of organic polymer. To enhance the chemical stability of glass fiber and to ensure the long period under high temperature glass fiber filter, or three of the acidic atmosphere, its strength, folding endurance, wear performance is not affected, the glass fibers to improve Flexing , make it meet the Anti-hair cleaning bag filter or pulse cleaning work requirements; increase filter surface hydrophobicity, ability to have anti-condensation.

At present, the domestic glass fiber filter material surface treatment formula with international standards, to form a silicone oil, graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-based; to PTFE-based corrosion acid and alkali four series formula , representative of the formula developed by the Nanjing Institute fiberglass FQ, FA, Psi, FS2, FCA, RH series formula.