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Flexible Silicone Resin Coated Fabric
The development of this invention has produced a silicone resin-coated fabric consisting of an elastoplastic organopolysiloxane resin coated silicone elastomer membrane reinforced with fabric. The elastoplastic organopolysiloxane resin and the silicone elastomer membrane form an interface which is an adhesive bond as the result of a union comprising (i) polydiorganosiloxane of the formula X(R2 SiO)a SiR2 X, (ii) a hydroxyl radical containing, solid, benzene soluble resin copolymer comprising actually of R3 SiO1/2 units and SiO4/2 units, and (iii) a condensation catalyst for (i) and (ii). The bond between the layers of the silicone resin-coated fabric is of such a quality that the silicone resin-coated fabric can be adhesively bonded to itself, or another surface, to produce useful structures, for example, air supported roofs or tension supported roofs.