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Fire blanket

A fire blanket is made with fire-resistant non-combustible fibers, through a special process, heat treatment or coating treatment processing. The tight fabric structure makes them quite smooth and soft, and therefore they do not irritate the skin. The blanket keeps the skin away from heat, and the material is an ideal and effective external protective layer, the surface is uneven and very easy to wrap around the object, in the case of no damage, the blanket can be reused.

The Fire blanket can be found within companies, stores, ships, automobiles, civil buildings, as a simple initial fire fighting tool, especially suitable for family kitchens, hotels, entertainment, gas stations and other places are easy to fire, to prevent the fire from spreading and protection for escape.

1) fiberglass fabric categories: twill cloth; satin cloth, expanded gauze;
     temperature: 550 ℃, 800 ℃
2)  aluminum foil with fiberglass categories;
3)  silicone rubber coating categories: single, double flame-retardant silicone cloth ;
     temperature: 260 ℃ or above
4)  high silica cloth: 8HS satin, 12HS satin;
     temperature: 1100 ℃

Standard size: 1000 × 1000mm; 1000 × 1200mm; 1200 × 1200mm; 1200 × 1500mm; 1300 × 1500mm; 1500 × 1500mm; 1200 × 1800mm; 1500 × 1800mm; 1800 × 1800mm.

Fire blankets are all in red PVC container or PVC soft bag packaging.