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Fiberglass fabric untwisted yarn fabrics (fiberglass fabric grid cloth)

Fiberglass fabric cloth is twistless roving plain fabric, is the important base grp. The strength of the fiberglass fabric, mainly on the fabric warp/weft direction for warp or weft to high strength, can also be woven unidirection, it can be in the warp or weft to decorate more roving, single warp cloth, single weft to cloth. Roving roving is composed of parallel strand or parallel monofilament cluster. Roving according to GLASS composition can be divided into: E - GLASS non-alkali GLASS roving and C - alkali GLASS roving in the GLASS. Used in the production of glass roving fiberglass fabric diameter from 12 ~ 23μm. Number of roving from No. 150 to No. No. 9600 (tex). Rovings can be directly used in some composite molding process methods, such as winding, pultrusion, because uniform tension, can also be woven into the fabric roving, roving will be further chopped in some applications.