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Fiberglass Fabric and product exports continued to decline
Since 2014, fiberglass fabric and products exports continued to show a downward trend in the first half, Fiberglass fabric and products exported 600,000 tons, down 3 percent, exports amounted to $ 960 million, down 4.4%.
The first half of the year, the fiberglass fabric yarn exports 290000 tons, fell 3%, exportamount of $290 million, down 8%; fiberglass fabric exports 87000 tons, down 6.6% over the same period, the export amount of $240 million, down 8% year-on-year, the two main commodity exports declined, fiberglass fabric and products export difficulty in increasing international market demand is shrinking. The international financial crisis of 2008, Fiberglass fabric and products annual exports of basic maintained at around 1220000 tons, almost no growth.