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Fiberglass Fabric Reinforced Foam Material (1)

In recent years, Japanese companies developed can be used as a wood substitute material of fiberglass fabric reinforced foam material. This kind of foam material manufacturing methods roughly: glass fiber and thermal plastic polymer in papermaking process method processed into nonwoven sheet shape material, according to the thickness of the final product requirements, the several layers of the nonwoven sheet material layer together, and then to hot pressing place reason. Due to the hot pressing temperature higher than the thermoplastic polymer softening point, so thermoplastic polymer become liquid, glass fiber for has the back elastic and bulk, so that can get with porous structure of wood material. This kind of glass fiber reinforced foam material has light high strength, thermal insulation sound insulation, the surface is smooth, water resistance and chemical corrosion and so on many optimal point, can be used as a building plate and truck car floor, etc.