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Fiberglass Cloth Resin Tape Insulation
An improved electrical insulation tape comprised of a sheet of fiberglass cloth which has a layer of thermoplastic resin bonded thereto. The thermoplastic resin layer is applied to the fiberglass sheet by melting the resin while contacting the fiberglass, and then the composite is cooled to bond the two components together. The composite sheet is then slit into tapes without any unraveling of the fiberglass component at the slit edges of the tapes. The resultant tapes are easily packed on, and adhered to, conductors, for example, magnet wire, or the like, by re-melting and re-solidifying the thermoplastic layer. The tape possesses good dielectric properties and heat dissipation properties. Alternatively, the fiberglass sheet may be full with the melted thermoplastic component whereby a mixture, rather than a relatively definitive two layer laminate, is formed.