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Fair--The 8th Shanghai International Energy-saving & Advanced Building Materials Exhibition (ESBUILD)
                                                                                                                                                                 August 15, 2012


During 15th – 17th August 2012, our company attended the 8th Shanghai ESBUILD Exhibition which is held once a year. The exhibition was organized by Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association and World Expo Group Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd, and co-hosted by Shanghai Construction Science and Technology Promotion Center China Professional Committee of China Architectural Society。 The theme is to buy green energy-saving building materials, to build a comfortable living space. The show exhibits energy-saving materials and equipments, new fire retardant constructional materials, external wall decorative system, new energy-saving insulation materials. Out booth was located in exhibition zone of the new fire retardant constructional materials. The achievement of the show is gorgeous that we not only publicize our products to customers, but also learn more about our opponents’ dynamic and the development trend of this area. The exhibition shows the commanding heights of construction materials development is to push the change of construction way of the construction projects by making use of scientific and technical innovation. While the most intuitive manifestation is to advance with the times, is to satisfy with the demand of energy-saving, water-saving, material-saving, land-saving and environmental protection. The focus of the city construction will gradually shift from city center to suburban district, in order to build new towns. In the period of “12th 5 years”, all kind of public buildings and business center will rise straight from the ground which is built in the idea of low-carbon and green. It is no doubt a great business opportunity to the industry of construction materials.