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Epoxy System for Bonding to Unsanded Polymer-coated Fiberglass Surfaces
A two-component system for forming a sealing composition which bonds un-sanded, polymer-coated fiberglass surfaces. The system includes a resin component containing a major amount of epoxy resin, glycidoxy silane (0-2.5 wt. %) and hydrophilic-modified polyolefin fiber (0.5-10 wt. %), and a curing agent component which has a major amount of amine curing agent and which may also contain amino silane (0-5 wt. %). The resin component may also contain alpha-phase alumina (20-80 wt. %), ceramic fiber (2-25 wt. %), and mica (2-20 wt. %). In another formulation, the resin component contains glycidoxy silane (0-2.5 wt. %), hydrophilic-modified polyolefin fiber (0.5-10 wt. %), ceramic fiber (2-25 wt. %), anti-foam material (0.2-1.0 wt. %), and epoxy novolac resin to 100 wt. %. The curing agent component contains amino silane (0-5 wt. %) and amine curing agent to 100 wt. %.