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Electric welding blanket

The Electric welding blanket is a new type of high temperature resistant glass fiber fabric or glass fiber fabric coated fabric with a sound organizational structure and high temperature, electrical insulation and excellent antioxidant properties. Cutting in the welding sparks flying resist welding spatter, slag, etc., and can protect objects from damage, and from sparks flying away from the heat point area. It is able to isolate and prevent combustion or burning of objects. Therefore, this blanket will create a safe, clean, standard operating environment.

Applies to large malls, supermarkets, hotels, vehicles, ships and other public places especially those under construction: such as welding, cutting, etc.; can be widely used in shipbuilding and repair made on aspects of the ship structure; also be used in the petrochemical business insulated metal structure, insulation and the need to weld the place, showing a good protective adaptation. Use of this product can directly reduce sparks flying, played flammable, easy to blow the isolation and blocking of dangerous goods and safety of human life and property to ensure the integrity.

Improves the electric welding operation of equipment, site and extent of the safe operation of the operator, welding and cutting, effective isolation and to prevent flying sparks caused by the accidental injury and loss, soft, thermal insulation, can meet the requirements of high temperature insulation protection.

1) General category: glass fiber fabric
a. Glass fiber fabric
b. Glass fiber texturized yarn fabric

2) Coating categories: glass coated fabric
a. Neoprene coated fabric
b. Vermiculite coated fabric
c. Acrylic coated cloth
d. Polyurethane coated fabric
e. EVA coated fabrics