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Abstract: This article introduces the working process of enacting the industry standard for silicone rubber coated glass fiber cloths and presents the main technical points and features of the standard.
Key words=silicone rubber; coating; glass cloth

Description of the main technical content standards

Sulfite-resistant performance

The technical indicators are mainly used for acid etching of silicon rubber cloth set occasions, before and after acid treatment by comparing changes in the quality, strength and sealing performance to identify changes in the acid properties of materials. Determination of strength of which is the destructive testing, testing before and after acid treatment cannot be the same sample, in order to ensure comparability of results, we compared the samples, all from the same yarns.

Content of fuel

Many hope to add fuel to use units of content indicators, but their high temperature silicone rubber residue cannot truly reflect the amount of silicone rubber coating, and the residue.  Some substances can enhance the performance of silicone rubber,  while Some will reduce the performance of silicone rubber, so we think that does not reflect the content of combustible product performance, and many properties such as the standard folding properties, acid resistance and sealing properties are subject to the amount of coating, we believe  industry standards should take into account both supply and demand, and favor the delivery of the final performance of the product as the basis for a more properly determined, the amount of coating as indicators of corporate internal control over properly.