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Abstract: This article introduces the working process of enacting the industry standard for silicone rubber coated glass fiber cloths
and presents the main technical points and features of the standard.
Key words=silicone rubber; coating; glass cloth

Description of the main technical content standards

Flex resistance

Non-metallic compensator will generate in the course of reciprocating motion.
Use of silicone rubber coated fiberglass cloth will produce folded layers of material used to seal the break will result if the media leak. This standard is used to seal the layer of silicone rubber coated fiberglass cloth folding performance testing to verify the reliability of the material.

Heat resistance

Silicone rubber cloth may be encountered in the course of high temperatures and low dielectric media, high  and low temperature stability is an important performance. The standard test used in high temperature and low temperature changes before and after the appearance of the heat resistance of materials to be judged. We found a few manufacturers on the market with low prices of rubber with some posing as silicone rubber, hurt the interests of users. Provides heat resistance can play a role in this phenomenon.