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Abstract: This article introduces the working process of enacting the industry standard for silicone rubber coated glass fiber cloths and presents the main technical points and features of the standard.
Key words=silicone rubber; coating;glass cloth

Description of the main technical content standards

Product classification

Since silicone rubber coated fiberglass cloth production technology is constantly updated, uses continue to expand, in order to avoid limiting the use of new technology and new development, the product form by coating one side coated and double-sided coating is divided into two categories, according to combustion and flame retardant type is divided into two general types.

Specifications of products according to the thickness of classification, mainly on account of the habits of users for many years. Because of specific technical indicators and the relevant specifications of glass fiber fabric, it will be double-sided coating and coated glass fiber fabric coated with silicone rubber specification breakdown. Technical specifications of products provides only the most basic, the products, the use of a wide range of products for different purposes some of the specific technical requirements for mutual restraint, this standard does not specify the technical requirements agreed to by both supply and demand.