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Abstract : This article introduces the working process of enacting the industry standard for silicone rubber coated glass fiber cloths and presents the main technical points and features of the standard.
Key words=silicone rubber; coating; glass cloth

The basis of standards and principles

3.1 domestic and international standards

(1) ASTM D 1458-01 "Electrical Insulation for Fully Cured Silicone rubber coated fiberglass cloth and glass fiber with the test method"
(2) ASTM D 1459-93 (2003) "Electrical insulation with silicone coated glass fiber cloth and glass fiber belt"
(3) ASTM D 1931-99 "Electrical Insulation Fully Cured Silicone rubber-coated glass fiber cloth and glass fiber belt "
(4) GB / T 532-1997 "Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic Determination of adhesion to textile fabric"
(5) GB / T 2679.5-1995 "Paper and board Determination of folding endurance (MIT folding tester)"
(6) GB, r 1 9089-2003 "Rubber or plastic coated fabrics Determination of abrasion resistance Martindale Law"
(7) GJB 983.3-90 "Test Method for military rubber membrane leak test and pressure test"
(8) HG / T 3052-1989 (1997) "Rubber or plastic coated fabrics Determination of coating adhesion strength"

3.2 The basis of the principles and standards

As the uses of silicone rubber cloth increases, the requirements of different applications will become more known for the standard is not conducive for use. Therefore, this standard provides some basic technical indicators, the user if there are special requirements, you can make to the production units.