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Abstract : This article introduces the working process of enacting the industry standard for silicone rubber coated glass fiber cloths
and presents the main technical points and features of the standard.
Key words=silicone rubber ; coating ;glass cloth

Standard-setting process summary

Nanjing Fiberglass Research and Design Institute received a drafting task immediately after the organization and the personnel, the establishment of the working group drafting the standard, and sent a letter to the major manufacturers of silicone rubber cloth and users to understand the production and use for seeking  work on standards development views and demands. In this process, all major domestic manufacturers have indicated their great interest in silicone rubber coated fiberglass cloth , and provided a great deal of technical information, verification testing samples and test data, support given was based on standards. Draft standard was completed.  From July 2004 to September, opinions were solivited.  Apart from sending draft standards to the committee of all members, domestic silicone rubber coated fiberglass cloth major producers and users and related Standardization Technical Committee sought the views of the majority view in the reply letter in the concrete in the standard technical content, the standard put forward good ideas and suggestions, the standard drafting team for these views were carefully studied, and these views complement the test work.