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Celebrate the International Labor Day – Mountain-climbing Competition

                                                                                                                                            May 8, 2012

The annual Mountain-climbing Competition was held in Purple Mountain, Nanjing City. This year’s competition was different from the past – not only emphasized teamwork, but also more emphasis on the personal role model on the team. The competition established Group Award of the first to third prize, and Individual Award of the first to third prize in each of the age group, such as age group of 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. At the whistle, all the contestants filed out and courageously moved forward. Along the way, cheerleaders cheered for them from time to time, and handed them water and towel which the contestants most needed. On the top of the mountain, the marker had made good preparation for recording, while the logistics group had prepared abundant food for the contestants to replenish their energy after the competition.

All teams pressed on without letup and tried their best to reach the top in the shortest time. As a member of the Tongtian United Group, Wang Zhiming from our Conte Division got the second prize in the Age Group of 40. He won the honor for Conte Division, let’s applaud him for that. We hope more colleagues will add luster for our division next year!