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American Company with Fluorine Resin Fiberglass Fabrics Used

A U.S. company with fluorine resin coated fiberglass fabrics cloth used for the facing material of microwave transmitting antenna. The advantages of the surface material is to be able to through the microwave, resistance to ultraviolet light degradation, low water absorption, can withstand the wind, temperature, etc., in use process can absorbs the impact of wind and rain and hail. A Japanese company developed a kind of pipe and air duct, etc can make use of the expansion joint. This scalable pipeline joints made from woven glass fabric reinforced plastic film. They first on poly (tetrafluoroethylene film coated with a thickness of 25? M four fluorine b ene - hexafluoropropylene copolymer, reoccupy hot-pressing method on laminated thickness of about 1 mm of glass fiber cloth. Plastic material made of thin film by this method has high strength, low permeability, as well as good flexibility, can be in environmental protection equipment, such as industrial waste treatment device used for scalable pipeline joints.